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Have questions? Check out our FAQ and storyteller FAQ!


a six week online event

Starring five incredible storytellers. Each week we will widely share art/stories created by a different storyteller inspired by their joy, in addition to a live interview between them and our curator, Meysha. They'll also take over our social media so that we can see what inspires them in the digital space. We will pay them for their work and encourage anyone enjoying their art to do the same. All of that content will then live on our website and social media permanently, as well as on a new instagram account designated to celebrate and amplify Black Joy - click that follow button!


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the podcast!

Podcast Launch!


Listen here:

We're going back to our inaugural event, FIRSTS, and revisiting some of the stories from our very first storytellers. Hear Kelsey Bujacich, Anthea Carns, Nora Menkin, and Annie Jansen tell their story inspired by the theme FIRSTS. We're also bringing back the music of Lauren Freman and sound design of Linnea Ingalls. Stay tuned for transcripts of the podcast, as well as visual artistry by Melissa Schenter!

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