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  • Your story should be 8 minutes or under when performed

  • Your story should be based on your own personal experience 

  • Your story should not contain marginalizing, intolerant, or discriminatory content

  • Never told a story onstage before? No problem! We provide as much coaching, editing, and moral support as our storytellers ask for. We are also open to someone else performing your text if you are not comfortable, or you don't live in the Seattle area.

  • Check out our Storyteller FAQ's for more details!

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Thanks for submitting, we can't wait to read your story!

Submissions are now closed for Good Mourning

Please check back for future themes and open submissions!

October 4th & 5th

At Arcaro Boxing

This fall, in collaboration with Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief and Lossjoin us for an event dedicated to grief and the stories and art that accompany it.

If you are female, femme, nonbinary, or genderqueer, we want to hear your story! When submissions are open, send us your stories, poems, songs, rough drafts, and concepts inspired by the current theme. 

You can find the answers to FAQs for storytellers here!

If you need to share any files with us, email us directly at

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