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If you are interested in being a storyteller, please click here for our Storyteller FAQ.

Q: What is she is FIERCE?

she is FIERCE: stories from the female and genderqueer experience is a semi-annual storytelling event based in Seattle where female identified and genderqueer individuals of many demographics share stories from their experiences that matter to them. We offer storytellers the option to collaborate with local artists to help bring their narrative to life.

Q: Where is she is FIERCE?

Short answer: We're in Seattle!

Long answer: We move around from venue to venue within Seattle to connect with and increase access for different communities and neighborhoods. To find out where our next show will be, visit our upcoming events page!

Interested in hosting us? Let us know on our contact page! Please note that we prioritize spaces that are ADA accessible.  

Q: How do I submit my story?

You can send in your story via our submit page, or email us at Feel free to send us a written story, video of your story, audio clip, or detailed concept for your story (if it involves movement or visual storytelling, or does not have text).

If you are interested in being a storyteller, please click here for storyteller FAQs!

Q: What kind of accommodations do you provide?

We now only work with spaces that are ADA accessible, and we provide ASL interpreters for the night of the show. We can also provide scripts to read before and during the show upon request. For other accommodations, please feel free to reach out to us at either our contact page or direct email at If we don't currently provide an accommodation, let us know! We want to work with you to meet your needs.

Q: I'm an artist and I want to get involved! What can I do?

Yay! We’d love to work with you. If you are a female or genderqueer artist, contact us or email us directly at and tell us a little about yourself and your artistic medium. If a storyteller is looking for an artist like you, we’ll let you know! 

If you are matched with a storyteller, the collaboration is truly whatever works best for you and the storyteller. Some storytellers and artists have only a coffee date before performance, and some have many rehearsals. It often depends on the medium of art. Visual artists may only need to meet once, whereas a dancer may wish to meet several times. You and the storyteller will be responsible for arranging your own meetings or rehearsals. 

Q: Do you have ways to get involved that don't include storytelling or artistic collaborations?

Yes!! We are always in need of volunteers. Whether it is putting up posters, helping us sell merch at events, or just telling your friends about us, we’d love to work with you! Contact us and let us know you’re interested. 

Don't fit our storytelling criteria but still want to support us? Buy a ticket! Tell your friends about us! We love the support our cis-men allies give by attending our events and supporting female and genderqueer stories.

Q: What does "genderqueer" mean?

We’re glad you asked! Knowing that language around the gender spectrum will continue to grow and evolve (yay!), we use the word genderqueer to recognize and encapsulate the vast beauty of identities outside the gender binary and cisnormativity. 

Check out these great articles to learn more about the gender spectrum, including the definitions of phrases like Non Binary, Cis-gender, Transgender, Gender Binary, and why pronouns are important!

And here are some awesome resources:

Q: Do you ever have events outside your two shows per year?

We do indeed! We often do collaborations with other fantastic projects around town, such as our recent collaboration with Snowglobed, a local holiday event. Sign up for our mailing list to learn about upcoming co-productions! 

If you are interested in co-producing an event with us, let us know! We love supporting other local intersectional events and projects. Contact us or email us directly at

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